Have you ever wondered “How do they do that?”

Come learn video production skills with our new HD studio and field equipment. The FREE monthly classes given at Nutmeg TV are your first step in becoming a Nutmeg TV Producer or a Crew Member. We offer three hands-on classes that cover the basics of all aspects of television production.

The great news is that there is a place here for everyone, and no experience is necessary!

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Our Production Classes

Upon completion of all three required classes, you will be a certified member of Nutmeg TV and can start using our variety of services.

Field Production

We explore the ins and outs of high-quality portable video cameras, basic camera techniques, and how to record the perfect shot.

Studio Production

Here we dive into all aspects of running a studio produced TV shows. This includes how to operate the large studio cameras, best microphone placement, lighting techniques, control room operation and more.


Using Adobe Premiere Pro, we teach you how to take your field production footage and cut it together in a compelling way with graphics, sounds and more.

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