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At Nutmeg TV, we’re your Digital Town Green. We bring your videos directly to the community on multiple digital platforms and it has never been easier! View local content anywhere, anytime and on any device across our 3 IPTV feeds across 9 Television channels and online on our YouTube channel.Our free training classes help you become self-sufficient creators while our professional staff provides technical assistance and support to your crew or volunteers. The training program and associated hands- on experience provides our volunteers with skills for careers in the television production industry. We make learning easy, fun and fast!

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Streaming on Multiple Platforms

We stream 3 IPTV feeds across 9 different channels on Comcast and Frontier.

YouTube: Subscribe to us on YouTube for videos on demand

Public: Channel 5, 1070 (Comcast) and 6060 (Frontier)

Education: Channel 95, 1090 (Comcast) and 6061 (Frontier)

Government: Channel 96, 1082 (Comcast) and 6062 (Frontier)


Create A Show

Have an idea for a show but don’t know how to do it? Stand out on one of our amazing sets to bring your ideas to life in our professional broadcast studio.
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Production Classes

We offer hands-on classes in our broadcast control room, 4k field cameras and Adobe editing software through our three FREE classes.
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Volunteer On A Show

Once new members complete our three main production classes, you can start creating your new shows or volunteer to be a crew member on other shows.
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