Station Tour

Take a quick look around the station!

Studio A

This space is 1400 square feet and is the main studio for production use. It has three cameras mounted on individual pedestals for taping programs with the variety of sets available. These sets include a large main area for demonstrations, a corner riser area for informative programs and a cooking/hobby area equipped with a cooktop counter, oven, stove and mirror for overhead camera angels. All areas are professionally lit with our lighting grid.

Studio A Control Room

This area controls the production operations for Studio A. It is equipped with a switcher, computer graphics, audio board, teleprompter, and camera control units. There is space for a director, audio technician, CG operator, teleprompter operator and spectators.

Studio B

This space is 304 square feet and is the studio used for smaller scale productions and the green screen. Studio B utilizes a system called the Tricaster which allows users to create a program with three HD cameras. The Tricaster is able to create virtual sets which the user can incorporate into their program. This allows them to have a full sized studio set in a smaller space.


Public Editors

The public editing space has two Windows 8.1 computers equipped with Adobe Premiere Elements. This program allows anyone with video footage to edit their own program together. There are many different possibilities with the editing software.

Pro Edit 1

All internal productions done by Nutmeg TV are edited in our Pro Edit suite. This computer utilizes the Adobe CS6 suite along with other video and editing programs.

Conference Room

The perfect place to meet up on team projects, Skype in with other collaborators, or do a brainstorming session.

Master Control

Master control, the nucleus of Nutmeg TV, is where programs go once they are ready to be aired.  This is a high-tech department containing all the devices needed to connect your programs to the cable providers and our web site.  This is also where DVD copying and labeling occurs, where we archive your previous shows, and also where we schedule your programs to be aired.

Field Equipment

The field equipment room is used to store all production equipment which includes microphones, cables, tripods, field cameras, lighting kit and more.

Green Room

The green room is used to facilitate guests while they wait for their time to enter the studio space for production. Here they can view our channels or what is currently being taped in the studio or read up on current Nutmeg TV news.