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Tune Your Business or Non-Profit Organization on to Nutmeg TV! It’s simple, easy and affordable!

It’s all about what’s happening in your own back yard that makes a community, a community.

As the local town TV station, we are offering your business exposure as an affordable alternative or addition to newspaper or other advertising.

Publicity For Your Business or Organization

Inexpensive name recognition is what it’s about, over and over and over again letting the communities see what you’re about. We’ll even put you on our website and create links to your business.

What You Will Need to Provide

The design process begins with your payment. There is no set up fee (except for a nominal fee for video)! We’ll take the information about what services your business provides, along with a logo or picture, if you have it, to create an eye catching notice.

Get Started

To learn about policies, rates and request more information please contact us.

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Community Bulletin

Is your 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization/Club holding an event?  You can advertise your event on non-profit Nutmeg TV for $5.00 if your non-profit organization/club is located in one of the eight towns we serve which are Avon, Berlin, Bristol, Burlington, Canton, Farmington, New Britain, and Plainville.

If you are a non-profit organization/club outside of the eight town areas and are holding an event the fee is $15.00.

What’s next?
Give us the event information in 25 words or less. (You can use the space provided below) List the event date/time/place and non-profit 501c (3) holding the event.

Please Note: Promotions of raffles or games of chance are NOT permitted.

The information on your event will air for two (2) weeks prior to the event date. All information and payment should be submitted to Nutmeg TV AT LEAST three (3) weeks before the event. If this information is received by Nutmeg TV less than the three (3) weeks before the event, it would be at Nutmeg TV’s discretion as to whether or not it can be completed to air.

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