Photo Conversions

Digitize Your Photos and Slides

Do you have photos and slides just sitting around in boxes?  Why let them fade away when you can have them scanned into files you can share on your computer, or made into a slideshow to watch on a DVD.  Breathe new life into memories that will last forever!

We know how important your treasured memories are to you.  That is why our trained staff gives you the white glove service, literally.  We wear special white gloves to prevent skin oils and finger prints on your photos and slides.  We also look at every one of your images so your order is processed with full attention to detail.

“I made quick phone call to Nutmeg TV where I got to speak to an actual person! They walked me through the process and my photos look wonderful. The high level of personal attention I received is almost unheard of these days.”

Why Digitize?

The Memories

The fun, the sentimental, and even the embarrassing moments are all precious memories that you can relive today.  Experience your wedding day again, watch your child’s first baby steps, or get that chance to see and hear mom and dad again.


Easily share these moments with your family and friends online via email, Facebook, and other social media websites.


Don’t let a flood or fire destroy your treasures.  Lock up a spare hard drive or DVD in a protective safe, or back them up digitally to the cloud.

Benefits of Choosing Nutmeg TV

Just box up your images, drop them off, and let us do the rest.  Placing your order only takes 5 minutes.  Even bring in your fully loaded slide carousels!

Each order is separated in their own secured bins, properly labeled, and are always in a secured location.

As a non-profit, we keep our rates low to better serve you. 100% of the profits go right back to the community to help fund our classes and other free services.

No Shipping
Unlike our competitors, we do not ship your memories across the country to duplication facilities.  We complete every order right here.

Made in the USA
We proudly support American businesses and all of our DVD packaging is made in America.

Customer Support
Our friendly staff will always be here to answer any questions you have about your order during our normal business hours.

Accepted Formats



“I was going to throw out my boxes of slides but after seeing my mom and dad again, I cried tears of joy.”



  • Photos: $0.20 per photo for the first 100
  • $0.10 per photo after the first 100
  • Slides: $0.40 per slide
  • Minimum charge of $20

Optional Services:

  • Slideshow: $30 to play DVD in a DVD player for viewing on TV
  • Basic Photo Editing: $30 per 100 images
  • Advanced Photo Editing: $50 per hour


Contact Us For More Information

Contact us to start your order today!  Call 860.321.7405 or email us below.